Public greenery


Our offer is addressed to town halls and municipalities, public utilities and municipal entities dealing with in public greenery. The aim of Byczkowscy Nursery is to provide you with a wide range of plants in different sizes, from small ones to the solitary specimens. We make every effort to ensure that in our nursery you can find plants required to complete your project. Our ambition is to offer the highest quality of products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Our offer is characterised by:

  • high quality of the offered plants,
  • a year-round available material of containers,
  • in spring (until May) and in autumn (from September) available material dug out of the ground,
  • ability to place orders electronically,
  • new products offered for sale twice a year,
  • the opportunity to purchase all of the necessary plants in one place,
  • spacious sale square, enabling the customers to visit the nursery and pick their own range of products.

Product range:

  • coniferous plants in plastic containers with a capacity of 3 litres up to the boxes with dimensions of 80cm x 80cm,
  • leafy plants in containers with capacity of 1.3 litres to 240 litres,
  • leafy plants out of the ground in sizes from 50 cm to several meters,
  • coniferous plants from the ground height of 50 cm to several meters,
  • avenue trees from the ground and in containers in sizes ranging from 8/10 to 20/25 and larger.

Our clients